NGO Registration Services


We provide specialised services to our NGO (Non-Government Organisation) clients as per their requirements. We serve various societies, trusts, NGOs etc. located all over India.


We assist in NGO registration procedures of Societies and Trusts as well as in the process of formation of memorandum of association (MOA). We guide them through the modes and methods, procedural formalities and the process of documentation. We also counsel them regarding the benchmark required for registration.


We provide services regarding all facets of NGO working right from registration to utilisation of funds etc. Moreover, we provide solutions regarding income tax, statutory and internal audit and many more services are offered by us.


We provide following services to our NGO clients:


  • Registration of Society, Section 25 Company, Formation of Trust
  • Income Tax Services
  • Statutory Audit Services
  • FCRA RegistrationsFCRA compliance & FC3 returns
  • Internal Audit, Accounts Outsourcing Services