Retirement Planning


Why Plan Your Future?


Retirement Planning is one of the Most Necessary and Most Ignored aspect of living a life with financial freedom.



We all blame our parents for not making adquate financial arrangements for their retirement and various other things like our education, our marraige etc. However, have YOU made adquate arrangements for all these things.


Most of us make financial planning and investment decisions not based on logic or actual calculation of our retirement needs but on various other factors and hunches like how much tax I will save?, pressure of the insurance agent, I shoud invest because stock market is going up? and most of the times our retirement planning is wrongly skewed in one direction or we suffer losses due to investment decisions made on hunches.



Retirement Planning involves proper calculation of your current income and expenditure, your monetary needs during your life line, making provision for sudden demise of the income earner, planning for any medical emergency and planning in advance for your retirement etc.


Retirement Planning pragmatically takes care of fund requirement of an Individual at various stages in life be it for children education, children marraige, retirement, medical emergency, building an asset (house, car) etc.


Myths about Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning is a subject in which everybody considers himself / herself to be and expert and nobody actually is. It is also a subject matter of various myths / statements which are not true and based on which most of us make faulty retirement plannings. We would try to clear of some of these


  1. I am too young to start worrying about my retirement!!

    This is one of the worst myths about retirement planning. The truth is the earlier you start the lesser you have to pay.

    Warren Buffett started investing in stock market when he was 11!! and look where he is now. He earned a fortune due to the compounding nature of the returns.

    So the earlier you start the lesser you have to pay and the richer you would be.

  2. Equities / Stock Market is risky never invest you would be a fool to invest in it for retirement!!

    If Warren Buffett would have followed this advise he would not be the Warren Buffett.

    Equities is one of the best asset classes to invest your money for long term. It may be volatile in shorter term but in longer term it gives great returns with negligible risk if invested in proper manner.

    Have you seen anybody in your life making a fortune investing in only secured investments.


Our Services


We provide retirement planning services to our clients. It involves properly evaluating the retirement needs of the clients and match it with the current financial situtation and advise optimum utilisation of current retirement situation to achieve future retirement goals.