Vat Registration - When Required?


Every person, body, or organization is required to apply for VAT Registration in Delhi if:


  1. He is a casual dealer
  2. He imports or exports goods out of Delhi
  3. His Total Turnover exceeds Rs. 10 Lakhs


When Can I Register for VAT on a Voluntary Basis?


In addition to the regular registration, the Act allows a person to take voluntary registration for VAT. You can register yourself under VAT voluntarily i.e. even if you are not liable to register under VAT Laws. You will have to charge VAT on all your taxable sales and keep all the records, which all taxpayers must keep. You will be allowed to reclaim input VAT on your purchases and expenses. You will need to think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages of being registered.


Registration is not available to persons who make only exempt supplies.


Steps for DVAT Registration


The following steps are required to be undertaken for registration under Delhi VAT.


  • Apply for DVAT registration in Form DVAT 04 along with all required documents / photograph duly signed.
  • Pay a fee of Rs. 500/- towards registration fees.
  • The Application for DVAT registration should be accompanied by applicable surety in the form of either Dealer Surety, Bank Guarantee, Fixed Deposit etc.
  • The DVAT department are bound to issue you registration certificate or intimate any discrepancy in the application within 15 days of application.
  • After the registration is processed TIN No along with DVAT registration certificate is prepared.
  • The inspector from the Sales Tax will visit your premises for verification after DVAT registration is complete.

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